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There has been some confusion in the literature regarding the distinction between 'discourse analysis' and 'text analysis'. • It is a result of the. text and context in discourse analysis. LinkedIn SlideShare · Upload · Login · Signup . Literary Theory: Crash Course. jdarnell.

Each type of discourse has specific features. This slideshow outlines how different discourse types can be distinguished from each other.

Discourse can be defined in three ways: 1. Language beyond the level of a sentence 2. Language behaviors linked to social practices 3.

Discourse analysis. 1. DISCOURSE ANALYSIS Discourse analysis – the study of language in use. The Hallidayan model of language Maxims.

Miscellaneous Issues Concerning with literature to observe whether literary discourse differs from everyday non-literary discourse; For.

General stylistics: concentrating on the general features of various types of language use, including literary discourses and. Discourse Analysis Hari Subagyo Muhammad Nizar Ichwanul Yaqin M. Zaki . texts 'text' as a printed record is familiar inthe study of literature. Flowerdew insights on DA different approaches in DA.