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J. DAVID VELLEMAN (Ph.D., Princeton, ), Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics. Professor Velleman's work in the philosophy of action includes the book. The possibility of practical reason , , Well‐being and time. JD Velleman. Wiley Periodicals, Inc., , How to share an intention.

My brief bio; Links to all of my publications; Try Blogic, my interactive introduction to logic. Watch "Why Time Seems to Pass", my PowerPoint talk about the.

29 Oct - 3 min - Uploaded by openbookpublishers Beyond Price: Essays on Birth and Death is newly out from OBP. You can read this lucid. J David Velleman. Professor of PA Boghossian, JD Velleman. Mind 98 (), , , Doxastic deliberation. N Shah, JD Velleman. J. David Velleman is a professor at New York University, Department of Philosophy. They are interested in Philosophy of Action and Meta-Ethics. Follow them to.

J. David Velleman. New York University. Abstract. I offer an account of how ideals motivate us. My account suggests that although emulating an ideal is often. In Garrett Cullity & Berys Nigel Gaut (eds.), Ethics and Practical Reason. Oxford University Press. pp. (). Authors. J. David Velleman. New York. About J. David Velleman. J. David Velleman is a Professor Philosophy at New York University. For more information, see his web page at.