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Building XML Applications. XML promises to revolutionize the Web and the nature of distributed computing. XML holds enormous promise as the file format of choice for Web development, document interchange, and data interchange, and presents a new world of opportunities and challenges to programmers. This rich and detailed look at the many Oracle tools that support XML development shows Java and PL/SQL developers how to combine the power of XML and.

The steps involved in creating this XML application include: Getting a catalog of books from a Text File. Getting an Order from an EDIFACT file. Using XQuery to extract the order information. Using XSLT to publish an HTML order report. Using XQuery to generate an XSL:FO stylesheet. Using XSL:FO to publish a PDF order.

Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of This chapter demonstrates some HTML applications using XML, HTTP, DOM, and.

In fact, the elements you'll create in XML will be very similar to the Whenever I build an XML-powered application, I try to define the content.

Building Oracle XML Applications [Steve Muench] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This rich and detailed look at the many Oracle tools . Find out how you can utilize XML as a messaging mechanism for distributed applications. Several examples show how XML can provide. Building Adaptable and Reusable XML Applications with. Model Transformations . Ivan Kurtev. Software Engineering Group, University of Twente. P.O. Box

Building BC4J and XML Applications. This chapter contains the following sections: Introducing Business Components for Java (BC4J) ยท BC4J Features.

DEVELOPING AN APPLICATION BASED ON XML. Creating XML database. Defining the constraints: Creating XML Schema.